Shield VPN - Unlimited Proxy App Reviews

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No good

after 1 paid 1 year , i can not connect and its only hong kong for location ... lost my money

Will ask you to purchase the app. It won’t do anything until you pay.

Will ask you to purchase the app. It won’t do anything until you pay.

Don’t do it.

Fraud. I have sent complaint yo Apple.


its totally fraud. after i paid i can’t even use paid features… please return my paid money

Be wary

Doesn’t appear to do anything, it’s also difficult to control or even get to open. After researching the program I decided the best thing to do was delete it. To actually delete the program since it automatically starts and won’t let you open it except to tell iTunes you want a subscription you’ll need to go into Applications on right click to show contents, find the exec icon, open that to force the program to open, go into options/settings and turn off the auto launch, then restart you computer and you’ll finally be able to delete this program.


this vpn is good . but they wonty let you unsubscribe. this is a fake app.and they try to steel from you . the website does not exist and the app will not let you register your id , so you cant log in to your account to cancel automtic renewal.

Running stability

I used this APP for a period of time, to evaluate now, because I think this APP is really good, connection speed, no need to wait for a period of time can enjoy browsing network, other countries in the process of browsing what also did not appear abnormal situation, running very stable, love this APP, a lot of convenience to our life

Free and safe

You not have to worry about it, this app is green ,healthy,in the process of you use the app ,it will block out those annoying ads ,the difference between the app and other app ,simple function, you use it is free ,also don’t need you to log in ,bind you bank card information ,and so on ,also need not worry about you personal information was leaked

Satisified with it

This APP is free, when you want to check in online information or what movie to see, this is a very good tool, network connection speed, when you browse the web in the process, it is very stable, does not appear suddenly, not even the situation and so on, can rest assured that the use of bold, it will protect your personal privacy, hide your browsing traces, don't worry about what others see

Valuable and practical

From my friends, I learn this APP, because ordinary life, love to collect some data and film and television works, but a lot of things in the existing under the network environment, can't, after using this APP, found that everything is so simple, as long as the manually selected countries, can access the network of the country, and the APP, in contrast, is free of charge, for I carry on some simple operation

Without network environment limitation

this app make sure your connection speed and at the time of access network stability, no matter what you are in the network environment, school ,office ,home and so on ,as long as the connection can access network of other countries,and selection of these countries have a dozen ,will satisfy you requirements.

Value for money

The VPN in the security protection function is better, it when you access network of other countries, to protect your personal privacy was leaked, when using this APP, you don't need to provide a great deal of personal information to use this APP, if you only need to use some of the basic functions, this APP is free, can be at ease use bold, like some of the realization of the function of the characteristics, it need to spend some money to buy, it is worth

Reliable and more selective

This APP, when we visit other network, to protect our personal information was leaked, safe and reliable, no matter what our native connection network, whether at school or home or work place, as long as manually choose countries, can access the network of the country, there is no limit level requirements, and can choose ten several countries, including the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and so on

Safe and usable

This APP is very good, when we visit the websites of other countries, we don't need to worry about, our personal information will be leaked, access to a dozen countries website, when downloading the APP, there is no need to register account to use, more convenient, I like it very much

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