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Protecting our internet security

We always spend a lot of time on the Internet. We certainly didn't think we browsed the web when surfing. Some of our browsing traces were always collected by people with some ulterior motives. We may not be able to appreciate it. Question, when one person each day has a copy of your identity information, home address, place of work, family member information, you will know how terrible this is. Now when we access the network, connect to VPN, visit some websites, vpn will protect your online security through some unique means. Those hackers can no longer find useful information from your browsing traces to threaten. Your information is safe

Secure the internet

Now is the era of rapid development of the internet, we usually spend a very long time on the internet.sometimes we accidentally tap into an unknown link and enter an extremely insecure website.this way we have some personal information.there will be a certain degree of leakage of property,and we will search the web for a lot of products,ofen we go to this page next time,we will receive a lot pf promotional news, which is that some of our access records were obtained by others, now that we have this vpn,when we connect to vpn to visit the website, those hackers can’t get some information form our access record and operate on our personal information, some hackers will sell our personal data obtained on the internet to some people, thus threatening our personal safety and property safety,this vpn can ensure that this doesn’t happen,and we don’t need to worry about it.

Nightmare waste of money

Shuts down without warning. Doesn’t connect. Bizarre. I have a virtually brand new macbook pro. This app has been a total waste of money.

high practical value

we spend money to buy something,the first thing we must consider is how practical this thing is,how is the price/performance ratio?however i did not regret the purchase of this vpn,because this app is really good and can be comparable to other apps,i use this shield vpn to watch videos,i eapecially like to watch videos on the Netflix because it has many different video types and shield vpn can support this behavior,this is great, even dropbox can synchronize our files, so that when we go out to work, we don’t need to bring so much data, we just need to store the data we want in the Dropbox,after connecting to the vpn,we can get this information quickly, there are also shield vans that can protect our online security, this is a particularly important point,i believe you will like shield vpn too.

Highly recommended to you

I have never used free VPN before. In my impression, VPN software is generally charged, so I did not download it. When I saw this shield vpn above the APP store, I was immediately attracted to it. This is because the designers and developers provided free vpn for me to use. Select optimal location, click on the link, it will show that it is connected, you want to download the file, the video is all supported, although this APP and some countries need to pay, but I believe that when you experience using, you will find The shield vpn is a good choice, even if the payment is good, because it can provide us with better service. And this vpnn I believe you will love to use this shield vpn.the shield vpn will meet your needs.

Beyond my imagination

One of my friends recommended that I use this VPN. Although I have been exposed to a lot of VPN software before, after using this VPN software for a while, I found that this VPN is very easy to use. I believe this shield vpn is a lot of high-efficiency and high-speed software on the APP store. Clicking on the connection will not easily disconnect the connection. It will allow us to visit the website for several hours. It's amazing. Used for such a long time, did not encounter any loopholes affecting my use. I want to strongly recommend this app, I believe you will like it after use.

Good choice for people who need vpn

For people like us who often use vpn to do their job, choosing a good vpn product is crucial. Although there are various types of VPNs, this VPN is not a few high-efficiency, high-speed VPN products on the APP store. Sometimes, when we are in a public network, we want to connect VPNs, and some products This operation may not be supported, but when the VPN is working, there is no limit to the network conditions. No matter what kind of environment we are in, vpn can connect normally. If you need to use vpn to complete the daily work, Or use vpn to watch videos, shield vpn will be your best choice.

The connection process is stable

When we use this APP, when we want to visit which country, we can select the country, click on the connection, in a few seconds, the VPN will connect up. I always like to use this VPN to watch US dramas, etc. I don't need to worry about the VPN disconnected, the video disconnected, and the general VPN connected on the viewing process. Generally, it lasts for several hours, downloads videos, and downloads data. There is no problem with uploading files.

worth affirming app

I started using this app with a skeptical attitude, but since using it,i have found this app to be really easy to use.when i want to visit the French network,i just need to select France from the list of countries,and then click on the connection,whitin a few seconds, it will show that it is connected,i would like to download the data and watch the video,it’s awesome to do it easily,i believe you will like it too.


Doesn’t work. can’t unsubscribe. Not really free. JUNK.

high cost performance

this app is relatively cost-effective compared to other apps.the first one, although i spend some money when using bthis app,,i enjoyed better service and more connection options, one,in the process of connection, choose the country,vpn can connect very quickly,the general connection process lasts for several hours,i believe that other app does not process these characteristics.

Worth looking forward to the APP

Although I just use this APP soon, but I have been deeply fascinated by her, it allows me to easily visit other countries network, find some of the information files they need, etc., and one of the most important A little, it provides more countries, we have more choices, as well as p2p, more convenient for our use, I really like to use it.

very practical app

usually when we travel outside, we always unconsciously connect the hotel’s wifi, but we do not know if the connected network is safe, we always worry about our personal information was leaked,and now with this vpn,you can reset assured that the use of wifi internet access,use vpn visit the site, other will not track our visit records, so for us ,it is very safe.

Good connectivity

The APP at the beginning of the use, select the country, click on the connection, the connection is not very good, but with the help of customer service, delete some configuration, and now the connection is great. Visit the site for up to a few hours, the connection will not be easily disconnected.

Good connection

In the process of using this APP, nothing happened that affected my use. Although this APP may not be the best, but compared to other APP, this APP is relatively cost-effective, no matter where we travel in the country, click on the link can easily visit various sites, download all kinds of information, watch Various videos.

The connection works well

Although there are some problems encountered in the use of this APP, but with the help of customer service staff, so I can continue to use vpn. After the upgrade, some data may not be updated over, clicking on the connection will not respond, and then delete some files, you can immediately use vpn, the connection effect is still good as always.

Stability is great

When we want to access the network, we can access the network in less than a few seconds after clicking the connection. Sometimes, we want to see the U.S. drama, select the United States, click on the link, we can watch the video on the Internet, This process can last for hours without fear of breaking open and affecting our use.

Value for money

Although it takes some money to use this vpn, but the actual effect is indeed very good, you can choose the country you want to connect, select the United Kingdom, we can listen to the BBC radio, select the United States, you can see a lot of American TV, I really appreciate In addition, this APP is very stable during use, and no other problems have affected my usage.

insist on using

Although there are some problems in the use of vpn, but through the help of customer service staff, I can quickly use vpn. Compared to other vpn, this vpn more to attract my attention, whether it is to provide me with a real country of choice, set him to provide p2p this option allows me to connect, saving me a long time, but also The most important thing is that the connection is stable and will not be disconnected for no reason.

Can not miss the app

This APP is the best I have ever used, select the appropriate country, click the connection, you can connect in seconds, you want to see the video, check the information, download the file, play the game can be very easy to do To, in the use of such a long time, there is no problem, affecting my use.

After subscribing better

Although this vpn also provides some free nodes for me to connect, it does not work well, and since the subscription, I can connect to more than a dozen countries it provides, even including united stated (P2P), which for me is Well, in the connection process, the connection will not be easily broken, I can access the network for up to several hours, it is simply good.

How can I cancel it?

How can I cancel it? I’ve just occasionally subscribed it . I need to cancel it now!!

The connection is stable

We use vpn there is always a reason, more or less the existing network environment limits us, using vpn allows us to visit many countries sites, without worrying about what we visit the site traces vpn through certain means To protect us, in the process of visiting the site, vpn will not be disconnected for no reason, affect our use, we can even access the network for several hours.

More selective

This vpn provided me a choice of more than a dozen countries, and several other states in the United States let me choose. While away from home, vpn is the best tool to access the network quickly and bring me good Experience of the effect.

Green and safe

Download This APP is not bundled with other APP, in the process of using it there is no other problems, when we click on the connection, within seconds you can quickly connect, we can access the network, the APP in our visit The process of the network, through certain means to protect our personal privacy, this APP is also very good to uninstall, unlike other APPs.

The process is beautiful

I subscribe to this APP, it can be used to provide a dozen of countries to choose, in the process of use, I also worry about this APP may be a junk software, is not easy to uninstall, or other software bundle, but use after a period of time, I think I think too much, is that we don't want to use this APP can unsubscribe, click on the Mac launchpad can see after we download the software, find the VPN, have been at this a VPN, know the VPN appears above a number x, click this, you can uninstall the software, in the use of the entire process, has brought a lot of convenience, access to the network is very fast, what look like want to see this video, don't have to wait for a period of time to play

Visit the website quickly

Usually I often use the VPN to access the site in the United States, to the company website to watch the video above, video playback is smooth, browse the effect is very good, you can also download some files, speed fast, too much better than other VPN, I would recommend to my friends

Doesn’t work

After about 3 hours of using it it stopped doing what it was meant to do and had an error connecting, you cannot delete it by just moving it to the trash, you need to go into settings/applications and then open the app through there, it wont open but you can then move it to the trash

App is terrible

Where is VPN config? Can I not connect to anything besides countries? WTH? And please learn how to sPeLl. This is showing your attention to detail on this app.

Where is the speed

Just signed-up for year to find my download speed hovers around 12kbp and the upload is close to the same. My internet speed thru Comcast is 126MBPS. US is selected but none of the other countries are an improvement. I used VPN Unlimted for many years and always had high speed. I still use it for my iOS devices. I have sent an email to support. The support site is pathetic information wise.

Not impressed

The front end of this VPN service appears to perform relatively well. However, my subscription status in the App (not in iTunes) kept expiring even though I paid for the full month. When I checked in iTunes, it showed that I had paid. I would log out and even delete the app, and I kept expiring. But, for me, it was the lack of attention to details in the App that led me to cancel.…..You don’t spell “expired” as “expried.”

No good

after 1 paid 1 year , i can not connect and its only hong kong for location ... lost my money

Will ask you to purchase the app. It won’t do anything until you pay.

Will ask you to purchase the app. It won’t do anything until you pay.

Don’t do it.

Fraud. I have sent complaint yo Apple.


its totally fraud. after i paid i can’t even use paid features… please return my paid money

Be wary

Doesn’t appear to do anything, it’s also difficult to control or even get to open. After researching the program I decided the best thing to do was delete it. To actually delete the program since it automatically starts and won’t let you open it except to tell iTunes you want a subscription you’ll need to go into Applications on right click to show contents, find the exec icon, open that to force the program to open, go into options/settings and turn off the auto launch, then restart you computer and you’ll finally be able to delete this program.


this vpn is good . but they wonty let you unsubscribe. this is a fake app.and they try to steel from you . the website does not exist and the app will not let you register your id , so you cant log in to your account to cancel automtic renewal.

Running stability

I used this APP for a period of time, to evaluate now, because I think this APP is really good, connection speed, no need to wait for a period of time can enjoy browsing network, other countries in the process of browsing what also did not appear abnormal situation, running very stable, love this APP, a lot of convenience to our life

Free and safe

You not have to worry about it, this app is green ,healthy,in the process of you use the app ,it will block out those annoying ads ,the difference between the app and other app ,simple function, you use it is free ,also don’t need you to log in ,bind you bank card information ,and so on ,also need not worry about you personal information was leaked

Satisified with it

This APP is free, when you want to check in online information or what movie to see, this is a very good tool, network connection speed, when you browse the web in the process, it is very stable, does not appear suddenly, not even the situation and so on, can rest assured that the use of bold, it will protect your personal privacy, hide your browsing traces, don't worry about what others see

Without network environment limitation

this app make sure your connection speed and at the time of access network stability, no matter what you are in the network environment, school ,office ,home and so on ,as long as the connection can access network of other countries,and selection of these countries have a dozen ,will satisfy you requirements.

Value for money

The VPN in the security protection function is better, it when you access network of other countries, to protect your personal privacy was leaked, when using this APP, you don't need to provide a great deal of personal information to use this APP, if you only need to use some of the basic functions, this APP is free, can be at ease use bold, like some of the realization of the function of the characteristics, it need to spend some money to buy, it is worth

Reliable and more selective

This APP, when we visit other network, to protect our personal information was leaked, safe and reliable, no matter what our native connection network, whether at school or home or work place, as long as manually choose countries, can access the network of the country, there is no limit level requirements, and can choose ten several countries, including the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and so on

Safe and usable

This APP is very good, when we visit the websites of other countries, we don't need to worry about, our personal information will be leaked, access to a dozen countries website, when downloading the APP, there is no need to register account to use, more convenient, I like it very much

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